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Hand-poured in Ontario, Canada.


Double-wick 18oz Container.


Using only the cleanest burning pure soybean wax, and a quality all natural fibre wick that delivers a beautiful even flame and full fragrance throw without any wasted wax. Clean and natural aromatic attributes; earth friendly vegetable oil based fragrances and essential oils to ensure a full bodied fragrance throughout the life of the candle. 


We believe strongly in the use of renewable, biodegradable resources like soybean wax and oil, and we create environmentally friendly candles which produce minimal waste, and are an eco alternative to petroleum based products.


This beautiful candle offers old world charm in replica enamelware containers. Subtle blemishes and imperfections have been crafted into the enamelware to replicate an antique container that can be re-used long after your candle is done burning.


Available in a single-wick 9oz container, and a double-wicked 18oz container.

Whitewater Premium Candle 18oz Jar