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Twilight Collection Dinner Candles are 7/8" / 22mm in diameter (roughly the diameter of a nickel) and are 7" / 180mm, in clear boxes with 6 pieces.


Twilight Collection Dinner Candles are produced in Germany using a drawing process which is one of the oldest candle production techniques. They are made to burn smokeless, dripless and burn with a calm flame in still air. These candles will burn approximately 1" / 25mm per hour under normal conditions. During the drawing process the wick is repeatedly drawn through hot wax. Each time more wax is accumulated until the candle has reached the required thickness. It is a very slow process as more than 1 kilometer of wick runs through the machine prior to the first candles being ready. This drawing process creates the unique finish of our Twilight Dinner Candles and these coloured layers can be seen like the rings on a tree trunk. Our candles are coloured throughout and thanks to the production method have a long burn time and a very attractive flame.

Bordeaux 7" Dinner Candle