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1803 Candles


Almond Vanilla


Like a modern farmhouse, this classic scent is warmth and simplicity.


Apple Butter House


Countryside fresh scent enjoyed all the days of the year; baked apples, creamy butter, ground clove buds and spice.


Basil & Berries 


Spring has arrived when the farm market is open, there is nothing like the aroma of peaches, berries and herbs.


Biscuits & Honey


Ready for the harvest table; warm fluffy biscuits with fresh churned butter and golden wildflower honey.


Bourbon Sandalwood


Rustic woodsy mix of Madagascar vanilla, barrel-aged bourbon and spice ember of sandalwood.




Cabin on the Hill


Simple and peaceful the cabin looks on the hill...woodsy spice, oakmoss, sandalwood, pine, leaves from the forest, fig and vetiver.




Cider Mill


Pick a cider barrel in fill a mug with the golden nectar... tart and sweet apples, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg and brown sugar.




Coconut Vanilla


Vanilla bean, lemon leaf, citris, coconut with hints of amber will transport you to a tropical paradise.




Cornbread & Honey


"There's something about cornbread, folks will eat it mornin', noon and night." A simple, savory blend of over fresh cornbread and honey.




Cranberry Cupboard


Canning jars line the cupboard filled with cranberry jam, orange marmalade and cinnamon berry chutney.




Family Everything


A warm, home sweet home scent of cardamom vanilla designed to evoke fond memories.




Farm Flowers


The family farm garden is a sight to behold... carefree, colourful blooms bursting with fragrance; wistaria, peony and lilac.






Custard with caramelized sugar, butter cake, bread in the oven and hospitality.




French Lavender & Sage


Bring the garden indoors with this bold and aromatic blend of clary sage, fern leaves, lavender, pine, oakmoss, musk and amber.






Old friends are never far away... warm bakery notes of sweet pie crust and rich cinnamon create a nostalgic appeal.




Good Ol' Apple Pie


Just like Grandma used to make... hot baked buttery flaky golden pie crust filled with apples drenched in spices.




Grandma's Kitchen


Inspired by sweet and savoury; brown sugar, molasses, nutmeg, allspice and buttery oatmeal.




Grated Cinnamon


Nanny grates cinnamon, wraps it in paper tied with string and takes it to the General Store for trading... cinnamon with bakery notes.




Home Sweet Home


Vanilla bean, spice, juicy raisins and oats, our tempting blend of ingredients has expertly captured what it feels like to be home.






An expert blend of citrusy lemon, orange, ginger peach and grapefruit.




Indigo Blue


Cedar, sweet grass, oakmoss, golden amber, musk, tobacco, patchouli and clove.




Keeping It Simple


Reminiscent of lemon cheesecake; vanilla cream, lemon zest, Ginger, clove and graham cracker.




Kindred Spirit


You never know when a kindred spirit comes into your life... our scent sparks nostalgia; vanilla rum cake, praline, crunchy ginger snaps.




Lavender Sugar


Warm and sweet blend of rich vanilla bean, spun sugar, bergamot, lemon, orange and a touch of lavender.




Lemon Drop Cookie


To make the best lemon cookie use fresh squeezed lemon, finely grated vanilla bean and mix into buttery hand-mixed dough.




Lilacs & Lemonade


We have taken a beloved drink and the queen of spring flowers and created a scent inspired by sweetness and freshness.




Log Cabin Home


Warm & cozy fireside embers, rich vanilla, spiced wood and bay leaves.




Maple Sugar House


Winter's end is near when the big old maple trees drip sweet sap; it's sugarin' time again. A blend of maple, vanilla and warm spices.




Mom's Kitchen


The room in the house everyone gathers... caramel sticky buns come out of the oven with golden pecans and drips of maple.




Mountain Moonshine


Delicious mixture of maple, cardamom, whiskey, vanilla and a touch of lemon.




Nutmeg & Ginger


An infusion of aromatic spicy ginger and sweet nutmeg for a scent that has no season, it is just a good to be home fragrance.




Orange Caramel Scone


Inspired by sweet and savory; golden baked nuggets drizzled with caramel and a bit of sugar glazed orange.




Perfect Afternoon 


A delightful scent of fresh brewed coffee with drizzles of buttery caramel and a dollop of cream.






Ruby-rich pomegranate, with touches of pink pepper, mulberry and white woods artfully made to be fresh and sweet.




Ray of Sunshine


A special garden blend of colourful fruit; lemon, lime, tangerine and cherries will bring sunshine to your day.




Shoofly Pie


The flaky crust of Nanny's shoofly pie embraces the sweet comfort with the gentlest of layers. The molasses and brown sugar layer with a golden crumb topping made it a perfect fall dessert.




Simply Clean


Inspired by laundry hanging to dry in the mountain air; a blend of cotton blossoms, apple, lemon leaf, sea salt, violet and jasmine.




Southern Welcome


Inspired by sweet and savory; orange marmalade bundt cake with bits of orange and buttercream glaze.




Spice Box


A vintage spice box hangs in the farmhouse kitchen filled with ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice and cardamom.






Standing tall in the garden, wistful pedals and big green leaves... sweet grass, honey, fig, vetiver and oak moss.




Sweet Corn Muffins


She spooned up hearty stew and served oven fresh sweet corn muffins to nourish the soul.




Tavern Maple


A sweet tavern deep in the woods; barrel aged maple bourbon meets savory maple spoon bread.




Vintage Harvest


A fruitful harvest - this intriguing scent includes; apples, ginger peach, brown sugar and fig.




Weathered Teakwood


Captivating scent of a leather, tobacco, amber, bergamot, lime, orange and rich warm woods.




You Are My Person


Fitting for a tea party; robust black tea, almond, white cake, ginger, lemon and nutmeg.

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